In 2018, Salt Design transformed a challenging space in downtown Fort Collins, giving the Old Elk Distillery its first tasting room and Fort Collins residents and visitors a top local experience. Like the whiskey that Old Elk crafts by hand, The Reserve ventures a similar character, revealing spirits of warmth, sophistication, connection, and refinement. This tasting room, cocktail bar, and eatery offers Fort Collins an intimate and charming destination within the downtown scene. The industrial elements add a new character to the space, but are balanced by the existing architectural elements which bring out a more delicate feel to the space.
“We really thought about what each liquor feels like,” designer Andrea Dupuis said. “The whiskey bottle is rectangular with a chunky top. It’s hardy. The gin and vodka bottles on the other hand, are more delicate, curvy and feminine. The bottles and the labels really intensify the contrast between the masculine and feminine experiences and we really enjoyed that.”

“From the kickoff of the project to completion, SALT consistently dove deep into the perspective of what both our business needed, and what our consumers were looking for. They did a great job of providing options for different ways to activate the brand in a public light, while also maintaining budget. Throughout the entire design process, they delivered different value options for construction. As we worked through the project, Salt took the items that were less efficient and presented different solutions for efficiency and aesthetics. This type of work and thinking is exactly what we needed in a strategic business partner.”

– Luis Gonzalez, CEO, Old Elk Distillery


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