Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

What is Salt Design?

Salt Design is a Fort Collins-based interior design firm that specializes in tackling challenging and unique spaces for both commercial and residential clients. Originally a company of Blue Ocean Enterprises, in January 2020, Salt Design (Pepper, LLC) spun off as a stand-alone business. Salt has designed more than 120 projects representing more than one million square feet and has been recognized by the International Interior Design Association, the American Society of Interior Designers and the City of Fort Collins for its outstanding work.

Why Salt?

Our grandmothers taught us that regardless of type of food—Mexican, Italian, Hungarian, Indian—a little salt enhances every dish. We believe design can transform space the way salt can a dish and to do so in the kitchen together.

What type of projects are in the Salt Design portfolio?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can work with any space and any client vision. Because of this, we’ve been able to design some fairly unique projects. We’ve worked on nontraditional structures or specialty situations. For residential, we’ve designed everything from the interiors of bed and breakfasts to historical remodels of homes throughout Northern Colorado.

How is Salt Design different than other design firms?

Salt Design is referral-based. Because we are selective about who we work with, we’re able to form intimate, long-standing relationships with each of our clients. Our commitment to collaborating with a select group of clients allows us to develop the close relationships we feel are necessary to achieve outstanding design goals.

In addition to building relationships with clients, our projects tend to include unique requests, locations, or design parameters. Because we have such a diverse team of designers, we’re able to offer out-of-the-box solutions.

Before we start designing any project, we work with our clients to understand their goals. We work to understand how to best create a space that is not only appealing but also maximizes functionality. We believe that good design can lead to a better experience for our clients and/or their customers.

What is the difference between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators?

Each member of the Salt Design team has a background in interior design, meaning they use the science of understanding human behavior to create inviting, functional spaces. Salt Design works with clients from the inception of an idea to understand how the manipulation of space will best meet their goals. For a corporate client this might mean designing a space that’s inviting to customers, but also fully functional for a marketing team of twenty.

Interior decorators do not consider the functional manipulation of space. Instead, they add furnishing or adornments to spaces. While that skill is important, it’s not nearly as comprehensive as work completed by an interior design team.