About Salt

About Salt


Colorado-based firm.

Whether you’re designing the interior of a coffee shop or master planning a medical center, Salt Design’s unique, inspiring interiors make the most challenging spaces unforgettable. Regardless of what we are designing, we always strive to add a little spice—a little salt if you will—to each of our projects.

Since 2014, we have used our collective expertise to elevate the spatial experience of our clients. Many of them are located in Northern Colorado however, we know no bounds. We have completed projects all over the world.

To truly design a space that expands the realms of possibility for each of our clients, we approach every relationship as a partnership. We choose our clients as carefully as we choose our team, working with individuals and businesses to take the beauty of an idea, give it a personality, and make it accessible to all. Our clients have generously described working with the Salt Design team a collaborative, easy, intuitive experience.

As part of our commitment to developing genuine, sustaining relationships with our clients, we take client anonymity to heart. For this reason, we choose not to publicly list each of our clients. However, if you would like to speak with us in greater detail about a type of project that is not on our site, please contact us directly. Otherwise, please look at our portfolio to get a taste of our style.



Annie’s reputation as a modern day magician is responsible for the artistic transformation of various Salt projects. While design is near and dear to Annie’s heart, her role as owner gives her the distinct opportunity to wear many hats and juggle many roles. Annie’s adept at moving from high level concepts into detailed design. She benefits from being both a left and a right brain thinker.

After receiving her master’s degree in construction management from Colorado State University, Annie spent several years as a senior interior designer and medical planner for Fort Collins-based Neenan Architecture. Annie has been with the Salt Design team since its founding.

When Annie isn’t putting her magic touch on her client’s projects, she’s creating her own whimsical art using markers as a medium and travel as her inspiration. Annie loves to travel and is particularly drawn to the tropics, not just for the sun, but for the textured fauna which she uses in her designs and personal work.

Annie was born and raised in Fort Collins.



Andrea is the Salt Design team’s detail diva. As such, she strives to create spaces for clients that create the right atmosphere while also maximizing functionality. She values being a part of the whole process from start to finish and enjoys to be on the job site with the construction team solving problems and creating solutions. Andrea exhibits a team mentality with a holistic view on design and the welcomed collaboration it brings.

A graduate of Colorado State University’s interior design program, Andrea started organizing spaces when she was just a child. But she also loved art and thought she would become an art teacher. Eventually, Andrea realized interior design was a perfect marriage of both art and organization.

Andrea is also a talented graphic artist and often uses her talents to spice up her clients’ spaces. When Andrea isn’t designing, you’ll find her at CrossFit, trail running, boating, or biking.








With these values in mind, we develop open, long-lasting relationships with our customers so we can deliver the absolute best function and feel for their space. We do this through our design process which is comprised of the following steps:
  1. Listen. Our number one priority is that each of our clients feel heard. We will not move forward in our design process until we fully understand what our client is looking for and what goal they’re hoping to achieve.
  2. Collaborate. Once we understand what the client is looking for, we work with them to infuse their ideas with our expertise. No matter where we are in the design process, the collaborative component between our designers and our clients is of utmost importance.
  3. Design. Once everyone is onboard with the direction of the design, we start working with contractors and vendors to bring the design to fruition. Of course, throughout this step in our process, listening and collaborating remain at the forefront of our mind.
  4. Results. By listening and closely collaborating with clients, we reach the most exciting part of our job—the results! We hold ourselves accountable to achieving the goals our clients set for each projects and our results reflect that commitment.